Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Do you ever have one of those crabby days? Not sure why, but it just happens? I used to keep a gratitude journal where I would write down things I was grateful for, even when I wasn't feeling overly grateful for anything. It's amazing how that gratitude can overflow, and when I was doing that journaling, I remember going through my days thinking to myself "wow, I'm really grateful for that...I'll have to write that down tonight"...just being more aware and open to the things I need to acknowledge my gratitude to God for. So here's my gratitude list for TODAY...

*I'm so thankful for a husband who wants to know why I'm having a crabby day.

*I'm thankful for my friend Amie. She totally gets me, and she let me babble and babble all day at work today...she knows that I'm sometimes starved for adult interaction! :) Love you, girl!

*I'm thankful that my "problems" really aren't problems at all. Truly, in the grand scheme of things, I fully realize that. Thank you, Lord.

*I'm thankful that I get my kids all to myself tomorrow and Thursday. Yay for spring break!

*I'm thankful for the antibiotics that have made Tate and Charlie both feel better this past week. Even when I forgot to give them a dose.

*I'm thankful Charlie reminded me that he will pinch me when he wakes up in the morning if I am not wearing green. My little ham!

*I'm thankful for all the compliments Zoe is getting on her hair. She feels like a "princess" (and honestly looks like one too...I can brag on her because she doesn't have my genes!)

*I'm thankful Tate is developing such an...ahem...outspoken...personality. He is becoming a challenging little boundary-pusher these days. But I am thankful he's no little 16-month-old doormat for his siblings! This kid is going to hold his own!

*I am thankful that Max is so excited about lunch with Daddy tomorrow. It's a surprise but I may have pictures to show afterward!

*I'm so thankful that there is one lonely little pile of snow left in our yard, that we could finally take the Christmas lights off the bushes this weekend (we truly weren't being lazy...the crazy things have been covered in snow for 3 months straight!), and don't think I've ever been more thankful in my life for sunshine. We all need it!

Whew....I could keep going. This makes me feel better just getting a few things down. Thank you, Lord, for your immeasureable blessings. I don't deserve them, but You give them anyway. Wow.

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