Tuesday, July 20, 2010

From the mouth of Charlie

So I asked Charlie if he wanted to do something for me today and he gave me this little guilty look: you know what it looks like, chin down, eyes up. And he shook his head. It wasn't something he had to do, I just asked him if he wanted to and it would have been nice if he would have said yes. But he didn't. And then he said "Mom, I wish God controlled me and then I would be able to say yes." What an amazing thought to come out of a 6-year-old mind and heart. Not that God controls us in any way, but for Charlie to have the desire to do what God wants is a step in the right direction!

Also, I want to make sure you all check out this blog. My sister passed it on to me, and I HAD to pass it on to you. Please consider making a donation, and getting a chance at winning that amazing handmade quilt. Check it:

We are enjoying a steamy, steamy typical Midwest summer day and Tate refuses to come inside to the air conditioning. Love that. He is an outside boy for sure. Hope you are all having a great week!

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