Thursday, July 22, 2010

Much of my life is spent doing this...

This is a picture of our family's approximately 3 days' worth of laundry. Yes, folks, 3 days. And this is a "clean" pile. As of right now, we have an entire bedroom dedicated to the sorting and folding of laundry but that won't last long since we are in the process of redecorating and moving children around. It is pretty pathetic that we actually need a whole bedroom dedicated to laundry. Eventually, the laundry starts looking like this:

And that is a good day! Buck said I needed to post this as a deterrent for other people who have ever considered having more children. This is what a family of 6's laundry looks like. It is ridiculous. When Tate was born, the laundry multiplied exponentially; it seriously didn't matter that he had teeny tiny little clothes. Just so you know. And have now seen physical proof of the insane amount of laundry that a large family has--you cannot say you weren't warned. I can't believe I'm posting this for other people to see. At least you know I have nothing to hide. :) And maybe this makes you feel better about your own laundry.


  1. It really is amazing how much a little one adds to the chore of laundry. I am impressed that all the clothes were clean. Way to go mama!

  2. When Tate starts potty training - the piles will be higher!! I'm impressed everything was clean too:)