Friday, July 30, 2010

Zoe's First Attempt At Soccer

OK, so this was so funny. The kids actually did a lot better than what I thought they would do for a 4-year-old soccer clinic. This city parks and rec department has it figured out. This was a very non-competitive, low threat way to introduce the kids to soccer while giving the parents some pretty solid entertainment as well. Enjoy the pics of Zoe and friends as well as some of the quotes overheard at 4-year-old soccer clinic (some may have come from me, but I would never admit to it...) :)

Check out the little one on the coach's lap--looks like she is LOVING having her picture taken!

Overheard: "Honey, PLEASE put your shirt down."

"Please stop crying and play soccer!"

"No, no, no, go the other way, the other way!"

"___, You need to get off your mom's lap and out onto the field please."

"_______, no more cartwheels, OK. We're going to play soccer now."

"There is no tackling in soccer!"

"Just because you want to hold onto the ball doesn't mean you can. We don't use our hands in soccer." (this said to one little guy who would nose dive onto the ball every time he was near the ball to "save" it. It was kind of cute actually).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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