Monday, July 19, 2010

Today I'm praying for...

Instead of feeling sorry for myself that I am back to reality after a wonderful sun-filled week of relaxation at the Lake (and it's raining here, no less...not that I'm complaining, like I said...), I decided I was going to commit to praying faithfully for these friends today. Join me if you want. I know they would appreciate it.

*Zac and Stacie: Stacie is the sweetest thing. She is one year post-radiation treatment for an incurable brain tumor. She has her 1-year follow-up in Iowa City TODAY, with an MRI to see if the tumor has shrunk at all. My prayer is that it has. Please pray with me that the tumor is noticeably smaller. Visit their blog to find more specific prayer requests as well:

*I finally got to meet my blog friend/fellow ET adoptive mom Tressa and two of her delightful children this weekend. They were in town for a doctor's appointment as well, and prayers were being lifted for them, that hope would be planted and a plan would take shape! What a blessing to cross paths with this great family.

*The founder of the company Buck works for, who is also a mentor and treasured friend of Buck's, was diagnosed with ocular melanoma last week. He is now in a waiting game, while a "plate" is being made to fit his eye for the treatment that will follow his surgery. This man is a planner, a do-er, and I have no doubt that this "waiting" without being able to do anything about his cancer is probably very very difficult. Please pray for him, his amazing wife, and the whole company as this has shaken them. It doesn't appear that the cancer has spread at this point, but it is not fully known either...please pray that the cancer is contained to the eye and that the treatment will be the cure.

*Finally, it was doctor's appointment central around here, with both Tate and Zoe being declared healthy (although not too terribly happy after both got a shot apiece). In case anyone is wondering or cares, Mr. Tate is the smallest of our 3 boys at this age, coming in at the 50th percentile for weight and the 60th for height. While that's called average in some places, that's "runt" territory in our house! :) He's absolutely perfect in this Mama's eyes. And little Miss Z was a 42 pounds and 44 inches tall, she is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. Every year that passes, I am in awe and thanksgiving of how far she's come. I will say it again...thank you, Lord! This little peanut did not even make it on the American growth chart at 1 year of age! And now she is above average! On the way home, she said "Mama, are you proud of me?" I think she wanted to hear it again, because I only said it 50 times between the doctor's office and the car. :) Yes, so so proud.

And that's it from here. Ever feel a little sorry for yourself? Yeah, it happens to all of us once in awhile. But that's the best time to hit your knees and lift up somebody else. Happy praying!

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  1. Laura,
    Thanks for being a wonderful host. Your family is even sweeter in real life. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon.