Sunday, July 25, 2010

Max and The Playhouse

We try in the summer to take advantage of some of the fun stuff that is available to kids here, while balancing just being home. I want to do things for the kids that they truly want to do, not just run around, staying busy just for the sake of being busy. I hate that. But one of the top thing on our list during the summer is a Playhouse Day Camp. Max and Charlie have both gone for a couple of years now, and as the kids get older, they have more choices about what kind of camp they get to do at the Playhouse. The Playhouse is a local theater that has so much to offer--really well-done plays and musicals, along with the classes for adults and kids that aren't too over-the-top. This year Max chose to to "My First Commercial". The kids got to learn about different types of commercials: endorsements, product commercials, movie trailers, and demonstration commercials, and then they got to act them all out, even taping them to show us on the last day. It was so cool!!

They acted out the demonstration commercial live for us but we got to see the final, edited, perfected version of their endorsement/product commercial at their "show". Max was pretty pumped because he was the "endorser", getting to play Twins baseball player Joe Mauer, endorsing a stuffed dog. :) Too fun. I love stuff that is educational, takes the kids out of their comfort zone a little bit but isn't competitive or scary. The Playhouse fits that bill to a T. Charlie is doing the "Popcorn Players" half-day camp in August and is super excited about it. Here are just a few more pictures. Enjoy!

Max with his teacher, Miss Chelsea, one of the Playhouse's college interns.

Max getting ready to go onstage for the movie trailer commercial. He is "holding" the little guy in green who is playing a bean, as in "Jack and the Beanstalk." Maybe you had to be there. :)

Product demonstration commercial. They made up their product and I still don't know exactly what it was but I was super proud of him because he was super proud of it. :) Love that kid!

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