Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Times...

Yep have just had one of those weeks. You know? Where you are pretty sure you're not going to win Mother of Year?

Yeah...Zoe went across the street and was playing with some neighborhood kids for probably half an hour before I even noticed she was not in the house. When things like this happen (rarely but she is pretty fearless so they do occasionally happen!), one of the first things that crosses my mind is "I probably won't be putting THAT in this year's post-placement report!" I'm kidding. Sort of.

Then I lost it with Max who couldn't find his baseball socks. Seriously, why should I yell at a super good kid? About baseball socks? Hold it together, lady! I lose stuff ALL THE TIME. I apologized, I asked for forgiveness, and I hope and pray that he gets that I just have a short fuse.

Tate ate a leftover red velvet cupcake (made as a celebration treat for our small group)--as an appetizer because he wouldn't stop screaming before dinner--and do you know what smeared red velvet cupcake looks like on very pale chubby legs? A very weird rash/skin condition. So when I took him to Charlie's baseball practice tonight and we were playing on the playground with lots of other kiddos running around, I'm pretty sure they all wanted their kids to stay away from the red legged, likely contagious baby. Goodness gracious.

Also, Tate is obsessed with several very funny things. Vests. He has a fleece vest that he wore this winter and any time he finds it laying around anywhere (drawer, closet, laundry), he must wear it NOW, all day. So he has been known to wear it on 80 degree days. Whatever. I'm all about picking battles, especially when it comes to clothing. But I sort of "hid" the fleece vest. But guess what he discovered? The kids' Awana vests. They are pretty ugly, 1950's-looking things that button up the front and have sewn-on patches on them. But he found it and had to wear that all day today. So in addition to his weirdo looking red legs, he had the Awana vest over his Gap one-piece. Seriously, I take my children out in public like this. He is also obsessed with a toy drill that he continually puts in any open orifice of anyone standing near him. Consider yourself warned.

Buck and I are heading West, really West, for a nice long weekend this weekend. I wasn't really looking forward to it, because let's be honest, leaving 4 kids and getting them ready for baseball games, birthday parties, and dance pictures is actually more stressful than just staying home and doing it all myself! But now I am getting more "into" it and am feeling ready to relax a little. Hopefully I will remember the camera this time we visit our beautiful friends Tim and Melissa and there will be some photographic proof of our trip...we shall see. Much love~


  1. Thanks for sharing:) It was a similar day over here. I hope you and Buck have a great weekend away!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in Cali! Can't wait to see pics.