Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Dobbins!

May 1, 2010--an absolutely picture-perfect, heaven-sent day for a wedding. Congratulations to Melissa and Eric Dobbins! My sister Melissa was married last Saturday, and there were too many pictures for my little blog to accommodate so a collage was the only way to go otherwise there would have been 5 posts worth of pictures! The happy couple is there in the middle (the gal in the white dress maybe gave it away...that would be the bride and groom!), the children all behaved relatively well (thank you, Lord!) and beautiful memories were made. When we were walking out of the ceremony, Zoe held my hand, looked up at me, lifted up her little shoulders with the biggest smile and said "That was great!" It was so sweet, like, "wow, I didn't know what I've been missing all this time by not going to weddings!" ha! The bride was lovely, the whole day relaxed and enjoyed by family...just the way a wedding should be. Love was in the air! Much love to each of you~

p.s. if you click on the photo collage, it should pop up so you can see the pictures a little better--otherwise just get out your magnifying glass! :)

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  1. You all look terrific! Beautiful pics and they did pop right up so I could see them easily. Have a great week:)