Friday, May 14, 2010

It's the year of the baby!

You know in China, they have the Year of the Dragon, the Year of the Tiger, etc. Actually one of my children was born in the Year of the Rat...I can't remember which one, but I'm glad I don't believe in that stuff because I'd hate to base my life around being born in the Year of the Rat. I digress...

So I declare 2010 the Year of the Baby. The baby boom has officially begun. In the past few weeks, not only has it been raining cats and dogs around Iowa (not literally but you know what I mean) but it's also been raining babies! I just have to say...

Welcome to the world,

Baby Sela Marie

Baby Paizley Renee

Baby Stella Marie

Baby Ali Grace

Baby Harper Rae

Baby Owen Robert and

Baby Warner Louis!!!

And if you would, PLEASE join me in praying for successful court dates for two fellow adoptive moms. Tesi and Zach have their court date for their two boys NEXT WEEK in Ethiopia, and Amy and Josh have their court date for their baby girl in Ethiopia June 1. Thank you!

It's the Year of the Baby, and I couldn't be happier for all these families and their new children. Not that I'm joining in the fun, but I'm certainly joining in the praises being lifted for new life and anxiously awaiting the arrival of even more little ones (my women's group ladies--whom I affectionately call the "Who's Pregnant Now? Group")-- Kristin and Sarah L. Plus other dear friends: Sarah S, Jen, Amber, Emily, Rosalyn, Heather, Shannon and Paige...Toldja! It's the Year of the Baby! Love it!

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