Thursday, May 27, 2010

So in the past week...

I got home to a housefull of kids rarin' to go on Sunday night! Woo Hoo!! Talk about "hit the ground running!". Buck stayed in LA for the "business" part of his trip, while I came home to my little monkeys. I posted this on Facebook too, but there really is nothing better than coming down the escalator at the airport to people who are really, truly, genuinely excited to see you. And that my children were. :) Awesome.

Anyhooo...the rest of the week, I worked on Tuesday, made it to 2 kids dance classes with poor Tater feeling under the weather, then the puking started at--wouldn't you know--2 AM. He couldn't puke at 2 in the afternoon. So it was one of those clean up, get him back to sleep, puke, clean up, get him back to sleep, etc. etc. until he fell off to blissful un-puking sleep at about 7 AM, just in time for the big siblings to wake up! One of my recurring thoughts was "I did NOT sign up for single motherhood!" To the moms that do it day in and day out--you are my heroes. Seriously.

Wednesday we ran, ran, ran, loved the weather, got the sprinkler out, bought some new super soaker water guns (man are those things AWESOME!!), then did some running around to double baseball practices. Whew! We ate dinner at 7pm. Poor Max (who we seriously think may have a hollow leg for all he eats at AGE 7!!) kept asking so sweetly "Mom, do you think we'll have time for dinner before bed?"

Today I had the pleasure of meeting friends to talk about the joys of international adoption, and to help them maybe start to walk through the process a little bit. What a blessing and opportunity this is! I will be doing the same thing on Sunday at our church, and am so excited to share our journey, and most of all, hopefully help others create their own adoption journey. One of the most important things that I share with people is that even though it seems HUGE and probably daunting, and maybe even overwhelming at first, it is 100% totally do-able. I am not a list-maker, I am not organized, I am not anyone super-special, and I most certainly am not the most qualified person to be leading anyone through the path of international adoption. But I was open, and I was willing--and my friend Ally (mom to 9--hello! you listen when this lady talks!) shared this one with me--"God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called". So there you go. My week in a nutshell.

Also, blogger was holding my blog hostage and I couldn't log on for 2 days! What's up with that? I think for 2 seconds I have some of this technology stuff figured out and then they do that to me. Crazy. Have a beautiful Friday!

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  1. I love your friend Ally's statement! Thanks for sharing.