Thursday, August 5, 2010

A quick up date from up north!

While I don't typically blog on vacation, I have a lovely quiet moment, enjoying the sounds of water coming into the shore, 4, yes 4 children sleeping and wanted to post a short but sweet update to our little blog! We are loving our week up here, but Mommy probably than anyone is ready to get back home and back into our regular old routine. While I am overwhelmingly grateful for these weeks of vacation and time away, I am a homebody through and through. :) The kiddos have been wonderful. Tate especially is a true "boat baby" and really is happiest tooling around the Lake on his daddy's lap "driving" the boat. I am also so proud of my Charlie...thought it may be another 10 years or so before I saw him attempt a try on the skis but he was full of confidence just last night and went for it! All 3 of the "big kids" are now ski-ers. Wow!! And Max is gaining more and more confidence on the wakeboard...I have no doubt we will see him doing more tricks than I am comfortable with even next year. Pics to come, I promise.

One of my most fun memories of our trip so far was last night after Charlie skied and the entire family (Buck's mom and dad, sister, aunt, me and all 4 little monkeys) were in the boat and Buck was wakeboarding with Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' " blaring from the boat's crazy big speakers. We watched Buck clear the wake and all the kiddos cheer for their daddy, so proud, as a gorgeous sunset took over the sky. It was pretty much a perfect Lake night. As Buck would say...we are livin' the dream. :) Love to you all...

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