Monday, October 18, 2010

The girl...

So I got a little bee in my bonnet about doing something with Zoe's hair. It is finally long enough after the GREAT HAIR DISASTER OF 2009. FINALLY! It looks super cute with her little 'fro and some clips or a hairband, which is how we usually rock it during a normal day. Since little Miss has and probably will always have a veeeeeery sensitive head, it is hard to do a full comb-out every day and even harder for me to do cornrows. So I kept it pretty simple this time, doing some cute box-braid/twists with a few little beads on the ends. The beads were actually trickier than they have been in the past, as I think Zoe's hair is getting thicker! It's amazing how her hair has changed over time, and I know that will continue. She is such a little trooper, and sat so still watching some Disney channel while I parted and rubber-banded and braided/twisted and beaded. All in all, it was about a 4-hour process, counting several breaks. I'm hoping it will last a week, then we will wash it and put the same style back in. It's very get-up and we're ready to go, which is great for me! I am excited that her hair is a little longer now and we can start doing a few more fun styles with it. Here is the finished product after about 3 days.

And surprise, surprise...another pair of glasses bites the dust. One of the lenses was scratched (of course it was the lens of the side she looks through when she wears her patch).
Me: "Uh-oh, did the lens get scratched?"
Zoe: "Ummm, my teeth."

So yes, she apparently tried to clean her glasses using her teeth. This pair actually lasted us 5 months!! Impressive. Hope you all have a good week!

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