Monday, October 25, 2010

Zoe's Weekend in Pictures

It was a soccer-filled, friend-filled, pink-paint-on-the-new-bedroom-walls-filled weekend for Zoe. I am loooong overdue for a post about the big boys and so they are up next, I promise. Unfortunately with the timing of kids' games this weekend Buck and I had to "divide and conquer" so he took the boys to Max's flag football game and I got to take some uninterrupted pics at Zoe's soccer game. I am so proud of my little athlete!

She was running right in front of me in this one--so fast that my camera couldn't focus! :) Also I think it's funny that in the background there is my friend Chelsey doing a funny head-tilt, like "What the heck are they doing out there?!" She's the assistant coach, and if I were the assistant coach for 4-year-old soccer, I'd be saying the same thing.

OK, look at this triple threat. Yep, these three little ladies are taking the boys. Bring it on, boys.

Right before she scored her only goal of the game. I started cheering so much I didn't get any pictures of the actual goal! Oh, well--being in the moment was much better!

Later in the day, we got to have a super-duper fun playdate with this little lady, Miss A, and her mom. A was adopted from Ethiopia as well, and she and Zoe are just days apart in age. They live close by, but unfortunately (as with everyone!) we don't see them as much as we would like to. The girls had a BALL, and the moms had a great time too. It was one great day.

And yes, we made a few big steps forward with the room redecorations. Zoe now has really, really pink walls. As Buck said as he was painting it (bless his heart!) "This is freakin' PINK!" Yes, yes it is. But it looks great! And the boys' room is coming together very well. I did a big project on one of their walls and am going to hold you all in suspense until the room is all finished--just need to get a couple more things up on the walls and the curtain rod up and we should be all set. It was quite the productive AND fun weekend. Happy Monday, friends.

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