Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Random Wednesday

So one of the projects that I did in the boys' new bedroom is a large world map on one of the walls. It is pretty cool if I do say so myself. Anyway. Max saw it and said "Whoa, cool. That is so big--it's" To which I had to smile. Because life-like of a map would be, like, the world we live in. Right? Anyway, I thought that was cute.

Also is it bad that I just cannot bring myself to change Zoe's mind about the fact that the things we have in our closet that we hang our clothes on are called "hangers" rather than what she calls them...wait for it..."hookers". Think about it. They do have a hook on them! In the morning on occasion this has come out of her sweet little mouth: "Mom, I cannot get my pink shirt off of this hooker!" Crack. Me. Up. I will correct her. Just not today.

From Charlie: "Mom, why in the world don't they just call screwdrivers "twisters"? Twisters is soooo much easier to say than screwdriver. " Really? I didn't know screwdriver was that hard, but OK. I'm down with that. (By the way, can you tell we've had a few DIY projects going on at our house? :) )

From Tate: Tate is still a boy of few words. But the words he does say are pretty darn cute. I brought home a container of those sugar cookies from Target with orange frosting on them yesterday and oh my goodness you would have thought he hadn't eaten in days. What did he say? "Mama, mama, mama, cookie, cookie, cookie, please, please, please." Cute cute cute.

That's our life these days. Happy Wednesday, friends.

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