Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Association

There's just so many things running around in my head (and my life!) that I can barely string together a coherent sentence. But I shall goes:

This company is absolutely amazing. I had the honor and privilege of meeting and hearing the founder of Freeset speak on Monday night. I want to do the small something that I can do to continue to grow this company. Women in India (and around the world) are sold, tricked, drugged, and sometimes even born into the sex trade. They are modern-day slaves. We have the opportunity to be abolitionists. Seriously. Here in Iowa (or where ever you are). What can you do? Buy a bag. Buy a $10 bag. When so many of us are carrying around purses that cost $300 or more, a $10 bag is a drop in the bucket. I use a Freeset bag as Tate's diaper bag. I have another one that I use to carry books around. I am giving them as gifts. These bags are FREEDOM for these women. If you see me sometime, ask me more about it, e-mail me or Facebook me...I will be thrilled to share more with you about this amazing company. Or check them out yourself: Sometimes feel like you can't make a difference? YOU CAN.

OK, other truly less important things. Max has pajama day at school today. His absolute lack of self-consciousness is so refreshing. I don't know if it is a boy thing or just a Max thing--he is wearing the goofiest (hand-me-down from his cousin Noah) animal PJ's with his crazy frog slippers.

Tate has a cough and slept for a grand total of 40 minutes yesterday. Lord help me, he must sleep longer than that today or I will lose my mind.

Buck didn't wear a suit to work today and I said one of those casual "no clients today?" and he sheepishly said..."yeah, I'm playing golf with Vic this afternoon." HMMM....gonna store that one up for some much-needed mommy time! :) I'm just sayin'. Our deal about him playing golf is that I would MUCH rather him play during the work day when it doesn't take away from family time (because let's face it, it's not like golf is a run out, play for a half hour and run home kind of sport!). But I must say I still have twinges of resentment about it. I'm working on it. :)

Charlie took a face-plant on the grass yesterday while showing me a fancy move on the backyard swingset. He's definitely getting more of those little-boy tendencies as I could tell he was trying so hard to be tough...jumped right up and said "I'm OK, I'm OK" when I know he wanted to cry. I gave him lots of snuggles and he let me. My sweet guy. Such a nurse's son too...when he got nailed in the stomach by a baseball (not to wasn't a hard one!) he said "I think that got my pancreas!" What 5-year-old says that? A kid whose mom is a nurse, that's who!

Zoe is still glasses-free as we are waiting for the new pair to arrive. I must say life is a little easier. :)

We are looking forward to a very fun weekend! My sister is getting married on Saturday, and we are excited to celebrate with to come. Have a good rest of the week...

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