Monday, August 23, 2010

And they're off...

My big boys off to school--a 2nd grader and a kindergartner, with baby brother wanting to join in the fun! Mommy says "no way!"

This was Charlie's choice for a pose. :) Love this kid. He also chose the outfit. He has his tennis racket sticking out of his backpack as his "object to describe himself." I am interested to hear how he describes himself using his tennis racket, but more power to him.

No, that's not a peace sign or bunny's a 2 for 2nd grade per Max's instruction to the photographer.

And Sassy Sissy needed a picture too even though preschool doesn't start for another week. She even had to put on her backpack.

The traditional photo line-up of kids getting on the bus, while we make them look directly into the sun! :) The line has grown a bit this year, adding a couple of kindergartners, while a couple of other kiddos graduated to middle school. Thankfully we have a few years until that happens!

My sweet Charlie is the last one on the bus. This is when my tears started...but he did GREAT. That's all that really matters!

And there goes the bus off to school...

And here are my sweet buddies staying home to play with me. Although Tate did protest quite loudly when Daddy went to work. Nice day to do that, Buddy!

All in all it was a successful start to our school year. Even though I am missing my big boys like crazy, I am thankful for:

*A wonderful school district that feels like home for us
*Good friends who are teachers at the boys' school, both of whom took time out of their very busy first days to e-mail me to say my boys were doing great. WOW!! Thank you, friends. I love you!
*God's protection over us this summer
*AWESOME teachers. We are so excited about the boys' classes this year (and Zoe's preschool teacher and class as well)--thank you, Lord!
*Time that I will have to spend alone with both Tate and Zoe--it is a blessing!
*That I am the one that gets to put them on the bus in the morning, and pick them up in the afternoon...what a joy and privilege, and absolute blessing.

When I think about how fast the summer went and what a fun, perfect summer it was, I know this school year is going to go just as fast. I am thankful for a smooth and easy start to the year. Wishing you all many blessings as you start your school years--whatever that looks like for each of you!!


  1. Aww...I don't have any little ones in "school" yet...makes me so nervous to think about them starting school! But your pictures are so cute! At least your kids look happy about it :-) Following you from Blog Frog! nice to meet you!!! ~Kimberly

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  3. Tears here just reading it...see, I'm going to be a mess!