Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's always something...

*Miss Zoe is sporting a new look for the next 3 months--a very cool pirate's eye patch! Thank you, wonderful Dr. S! We love you to death, but I do wonder, have YOU ever had to make a 4-year-old wear a patch over her eye? Thankfully it is only for 4 hours a day, but it needs to be for 4 busy hours, such as when she is at school, using her eye. We are trying to strengthen her weaker left eye, and Dr. S assures me that this will happen quickly if we are consistent in our patching. So far so good, but little Miss does NOT like it and I don't blame her. I wish things could have just stayed "status quo" for awhile but it wasn't to be...oh well...it's always something! She is still as beautiful as beautiful can be even with a patch covering almost half her cute little face. :) Pictures to come, if she will let me get a pic with the patch on. Have a great rainy day!

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