Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Vacation...Pictures with Captions :)

We were so blessed to have our friends join us for a few days in God's country--here is Miss Julie with one of her 4 boys (AKA "Big Tate", who "Little Tate" was named after)

Buck after one of his wakeboarding displays--joking around for his sister, but it was caught on camera. Sorry, buddy! It's going on the blog! :)

To which Max said--"Show off! Look at these muscles!"

To which Tate said, "NO, Look at THESE muscles!"

I love this picture of G-Funk--she was attempting to slalom ski after dropping one by the dock (yes, they let you do that up in Minnesoh-tah) but couldn't quite find the back of the ski for her dangling foot. So she just sort of barefoot-skied on that one side for awhile before letting go. It was pretty impressive!

The answer to the question of how many children can fit in the back of a Denali? 8! There are the 4 Larson boys (Sam is hiding behind Joey in the blue shirt there) and our 4. And yes, we drove a short distance that way...

ZoZo and G-Funk having some girl time

Charlie is displaying his finely built sand castle. No one knocked it down for fear of his wrath. Seriously I think it stayed up for 3 or 4 days until the rain knocked it down and then he forgot about it. Phew!

One of the 3 or 4 pictures where I am on this side of the camera. This marshmallow-roasting stuff is serious business. I have it down to a science.

This is what I am going to be doing when I am 65. Here is Buck's Aunt M skiing at the beautiful gorgeous age of 65--and she would have gone on one ski if we would have had the right kind of rope! She rocks!

Perfect, perfect night.

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  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos:) I hope re-entry is smooth and restful.