Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Too cute...

See...I told you!! The crazy patch takes up half her face. But at least the optical center had some cute patterns for us to make it slightly more "fun". As if... Here she is sporting her ladybug patch with her butterfly shirt...the girl is already in the know with her fashion themes.

Zoe is such a trooper. For our friends that read would be a HUGE help if when you see us and our girl, please don't make a big deal about the patch, and don't do one of those horrified "WHAT HAPPENED??" things. :) Aunt G, you know who you are. :) Also, if you could give your kiddos a heads-up as well, that would be most helpful! Although, not surprisingly, the kids are less taken aback with it than the adults--isn't that always the case?? Zoe has gotten significantly more comfortable over the past week, and with school starting in a week we want to keep the progress moving in the right direction. It's surprising how fast you get used it once you look at it for awhile, just like anything else. Let's keep getting that eye strong so we can get rid of that pesky patch!! Way to go, Zo-Girl!

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