Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, 8 years ago today, I was sitting very uncomfortably in my air-conditioned home (thankfully!!), slightly disappointed that my "feeling" that our first baby might be arriving today was wrong. I had been at work earlier that day, a busy labor-and-delivery day, and had ended up pushing a patient on her bed from her room to the OR for an emergency c-section---by myself. For a 38-weeks pregnant lady that is no small feat! Add to that the stress of the situation, and some contractions started. I was shocked! Being a first-time mama, working in labor and delivery, I was 100% convinced I would go past my due date. I was ready for the long haul. But that day, August 13, 11 days before my due date, I thought something might be happening! I called Buck, told him to sit tight, but I was going home. What do you know? Put my feet up on the couch and drank a bunch of more contractions. Surprise, surprise. So we had a normal night, hung out, and for fun, watched Adam Sandler's "Big Daddy" for some laughs. Well, something did the trick because at 2:45 AM on August 14, my water broke and it was time to meet Max!

And 8 years big guy...
Here he is singing along to TobyMac while wakeboarding...such a little stud!

Told him to smile for the camera...thank you, Captain Confident! :)

Mastering the "switch" on the wakeboard so he can go back and forth over the wake...wowsa!! Look at that concentration!

We are so blessed our kids have GREAT friends!! It was actually FUN to take all these kids to the ballgame...just a tad bit on the warm side but they didn't mind!

A brother is a built-in best friend. Charlie caught a foul ball at the game, and without hesitation, said to Buck, "I caught this for Max on his birthday!" and handed the ball over. Pure love.

Making a a mom you want nothing more than for your kids' dreams to come true!

A little hard to see, but there's Max's picture up on the scoreboard during the 7th inning stretch! Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Buck led the kids in "all hands in" and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!

WOO HOO!! What a fun day, what a great celebration, what an amazing child we have been blessed with. He is a joy, he is a treasure, he is kind and thoughtful. He is persistent (to the point of nagging! ha!), he is determined, he is a leader. But most important, he loves Jesus. He wants to follow God. He teaches me things. He is forgiving of my mis-steps as a mom. There is a big part of my heart that has MAX written all over it...and we celebrate the day he joined our family. Happy birthday, Max!


  1. Happy Birthday Max! Sounds like a wonderful celebration:)

  2. Beautiful kids! Thanks for backing EA on the MckDiscussion. :)