Friday, April 16, 2010

As promised...

I was trying to think when these pictures were taken because you know it is 2010 and all. Geez louise time flies (blah blah blah as my darling 7-year-old would say when I get sentimental). But I love looking at these pictures sometimes. I think back to the time right after Zoe came home and remember what a total BLUR it was. I was literally finishing up grad school (Zoe came to us a little sooner than we anticipated--Praise the Lord--but I wasn't quite done with school yet so there were a few, shall we say, loose ends here and there!). Anyway, this is Easter 2007: Max hadn't quite figured out how to hold a baby yet. :)

Check this out: Remember how I said we looked exhausted? Yep, this is what exhausted looks like. I love this picture. It cracks me up. Serioulsy, what is up with my hair? My sister is behind the camera. I think we invited ourselves over to her house for Easter that year because we were in serious need of getting out of the house or we were going to kill each other. Oh the love...
I hope you all have a very happy, happy weekend. I am hoping to relax before setting off into the the crazy world of single-motherhood-not-by-choice next week! Buck is traveling all week so prayers are most certainly welcomed and appreciated. Much love to you all~

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