Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Very Often But...

Stuff like this doesn't happen at our house very often, but when it does it's a whammy and I don't know what to do. We were just getting ready to unload from preschool and do the whole make lunch/go to the park on this gorgeous day/take a quick nap/play outside some more when out of the blue Charlie says "I wish everyone in our family had white skin." WHAMMY! See, I told you.

I know he's 5 and I know he probably doesn't fully grasp the enormity of what he's saying, but I DO think he knows some of it, and I'm not letting him off the hook for it because of his age. Of all of our kids, he and Zoe definitely have the most volatile relationship. They are only 19 months apart, bringing a certain "love-hate" quality to their sibling-ness. So I got upset with him, saying that was not nice, not a kind thing to say. Saying that it makes absolutely no difference what color skin anyone has, they can be in our family. And he comes back saying he was just joking. Which makes me even more mad. Honestly, I'm more sad than mad that this came out of him. I feel like I could cry. Which I might at some point. This is going to blow over, and I know it won't be a big deal. But maybe it is a big deal! Geesh. Gotta go make turkey sandwiches. Thankful for the mundane tasks that distract from the questions that are too big for me to answer on my own.


  1. BIG HUGS Laura!! I wish I had some wisdom to share, but since I don't I'll be praying that God gives it to you as you need it. I'm confident that He will and that there will be some invaluable learning that comes from this. (and when it does...please share with the rest of us so we can be ready for a time like this!!)

  2. We are all created in the image of God...How cool is that!