Monday, April 19, 2010

A bit about my oldest...

My sweet oldest boy. His spring concert was last Thursday and all the songs were about trains. So he had to wear a train conductor hat and "solid color shirt." Guess what color he picked. :) He also had a special dancing part in one of the songs called "Freight Train Comin" where he danced with his classmate, K. She is one tough chick and apparently she told Max the day before the concert that if he messed up during the dance, she would push him off the stage! He was so nervous the night before. I told him if someone told me they would push me off the stage, I would be nervous too! :) Some help I was, huh? We said lots of prayers, and God heard us, because he did wonderfully and no one pushed anyone off the stage. Max and I went on an ice-cream date after the concert while Buck put the little ones to bed. It was awesome. He is one cool kid to just hang out with. We talked about space, and meteors, and Ronald Reagan of all people. Oh, and of course the Drake Bulldogs.
This picture is from earlier today, when I had the pleasure of accompanying a few first graders to the Rieman Gardens in Ames. A few meaning like 75. God bless their teachers. Seriously. I thought this picture was funny for 2 reasons. First, that kid in the bright blue shirt leaning over--yeah, the same shirt from the train concert--yeah, that's Max. Yeah, he wears the same plain blue t-shirt all the time. Just because it's blue. Also it's funny because the guide at the Gardens told the kids that in order to look in the cases, the kids all needed to keep their hands behind their backs. See who has their hands behind their backs? 2 kids. Max and his buddy Anna (this does not surprise me one bit from either one of them...sweet little rule-followers that they are!)
Not the best photo here, but that light blue little spot in the middle was a butterfly that caught Max's eye. "Hey, Mom, could you take my picture with that beautiful blue butterfly?"
Last one, just because I thought it was pretty. :) I sure am blessed with one awesome oldest kid. And 3 other awesome kids. But today was especially fun, just to focus on him and just to be able to focus on being Max's mom. What an honor to have that job.

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