Thursday, April 22, 2010

The post in which I whine about 4-year-olds and glasses...AGAIN

So how in the world could someone THIS cute be responsible for the destruction of 5--yes you read that correctly--5 pairs of perfectly good glasses in just over a year? Look at her. The picture of sweetness and innocence. The glasses she's wearing here? This picture was taken just this morning, people. "Mom, Mom, take my picture. Here, I'll stand here. Oh, I love my PURPLE glasses! Take a picture of me in my purple glasses!" So I did. The purple glasses are our back-up pair. Why is she wearing the back-up pair??? Because of this...

The ultra-super-mega-kryptonite-titanium (seriously they are made of supposedly nearly indestructible titanium) frames looked like this when we went to put them on this morning. I honestly don't even know where the other half of the glasses are. So off to Target Optical we went again to get more of our money's worth out of our warranty. Those people were thinking it was not such a good idea to talk us into that warranty. They are LOSING money on us, BIG TIME. 6th pair. No joke. Our favorite optical tech, Amanda, whom we have the pleasure of knowing on a first-name basis (I know all about her most recent pregnancy, her post-partum despression, her husband's job insecurity, her two older girls and how they all have names that start with "A"...this is how many times we've been in there--do you know that much about YOUR optical tech?) was even surprised that Zoe could break these puppies. So the back-up glasses went on for school today. When I picked Zoe up from school however, there was one sheepish looking little girl, and a somewhat guilty-looking teacher. Uh-oh, I thought. I wondered what Zoe did! Turns out she didn't do anything wrong, per se, but here's the back-up glasses now...

Twice in one day may very well be a record even for us. Impressive. Our next step may be prescription goggles like the guy in the movie "Notting Hill"--remember?
If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times--while I am grateful the girl can see, 4-year-olds should not have glasses. Amen.

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