Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oh I wish I was...

A film critic! What do you wish you were? I took a couple of film classes during my first undergrad degree, and man oh man what a job that would be! Get paid to go to movies and then write your opinions of them? Yep, that would be a great job. I love all kinds of movies...romantic comedies and war movies are two of my particular favorite genres, while I can pretty much leave any sci-fi. Along with reading, it is a great escape for me. I could talk movies, directors, characters, and actors with the best of them, and I actually care who wins the Oscars because I try to see many of the movies. My friend Heather and I were a bit fanatical about it for awhile...but that's another whole story.

So occasionally I do this funny thing. I go to movies by myself. Sometimes it's a really good "film"-type movie, other times it's know..."Hot Tub Time Machine" kind of movie (you know that title alone has Oscar written all over it!). Mostly I try to go to movies that I think look fun or interesting but I know that Buck will likely fall asleep during them. Yes, that has happened numerous times, and frankly I'm no longer interested in paying $10 for him to snore through a movie! And as many of you know, I am a NIGHT OWL, and when I'm on-call I have a hard time sleeping I hit the late show after the kids (and Buck!) have gone to bed. So if you see some weirdo sitting by herself with some Milk Duds, reading a book through the dumb commericials at a late movie, it may very well be me. I'm a dork, I know. :)

So Friday night, I went alone--well, not alone exactly...I went with a number of high school girls--to see the new Miley Cyrus-based-on-a-Nicholas-Sparks-someone-has-to-die-I-just-know-it movie, called "The Last Song". Come on, people. It's called "The Last Song." Someone has to die, it's Sparks' M.O. And not to spoil anything for anyone who still wants to see this obvious tear-jerker, but yes, it's true, it happens. So the movie was OK. If you could see my hand, it's doing that so-so motion. I won't be seeing it again, I won't get the DVD. I wanted to see it so I saw it, and my husband is ever so grateful that I saw it by myself. :) And for your 6-and 7-year-old Hannah Montana fans out there, don't take them. Please don't take them. There's too much smooching for my taste (even though it's only rated PG), there's a fight scene, some supposedly high-school age kids acting drunk or strung out or something, and to be honest, there's just too much "marriage is disposable" kind of talk. I don't like young kids, even high school-age kids, hearing that message. And along with the whole death thing, you would think there would be some mention of spirituality (which there typically is in Nicholas Sparks novels...did you know he's a devout Catholic?), so my guess is that the God thing gets watered down for Hollywood, which is so disappointing. Bottom line...Hannah Montana this is not! There are some really good themes, though, about forgiveness, and the sibling relationship between Miley's character, Ronnie, and her brother Jonah, is precious. So there you go...I'm living out my fantasy job of "film critic" and you have to live with it! :) I'll post some pictures of the kids and their fun Easter weekend tomorrow since I know that's really what you all are after. Love to you all~

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  1. I'm trying to hurry up and finish the book before I see the movie. There are a lot of spiritual undertones in the book so it's too bad those didn't come out in the movie.

    Also just a thought...since you enjoy reviewing films so much you should add a "Movie Review" section to your blog! That would be fun for your faithful readers!

    Love ya my fellow night owl!