Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter...and a little advice

He is risen! He is risen indeed!! Our Easter weekend was so fun...pretty quiet, but lovely. Saturday we had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, and whenever we are with our neighbors I always think, we have the best neighbors. Seriously. I know a lot of other people might think that they have the best neighbors, but I think I do. So there. I think I might not be friends with some of them if I didn't live by them, that our paths may not have crossed if we didn't live close to each other. But anyway...I digress...a fun time was had by all...moms chatting, kids running, dads holding pink Easter baskets. Fun times! It was a little chilly but sunshine can always save the day!

Sunday morning came VERY early at the Olsen house, as Max woke us all up to see if the Easter Bunny brought the much-asked-for "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel". Somehow, the Easter Bunny has gotten in the habit of bringing a DVD for all the kids to share each year. HMMM. Also, due to all the candy at the Easter egg hunt, the wise old Bunny brought coins for the family hunt around the house on Sunday morning! Smart Bunny! Did the Bunny come through? Check it out:

I then a attempted a photo shoot with the kids, for our annual Easter picture. One of my favorite family pictures is about a month after Zoe came home from Ethiopia, and we look exhausted but happy, crazy but happy, all in our Easter outfits. I'll post it if I can find it. But let me tell you this is a feat to get these pics, so enjoy:


Started out pretty well!

Then I think they were watching "Alvin".

Tate was starting to lose it, and I don't know what Zoe was doing, she usually LOVES the camera!

Whoops! IT'S ALL OVER! :)

Oh, and here's my little bit of unsolicited advice. Notice how Zoe is wearing a black dress to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior? Yes, I did have a cute pink and green frilly little thing with adorable pink tights picked out for her to wear. Yes, it would have coordinated beautifully with her brothers. BUT, she's 4. She has opinions. She wanted to wear her Christmas dress. Her black Christmas dress. With her Hello Kitty socks. My advice, friends and mothers? In marriage, motherhood and life in general...pick. your. battles. So she happily wore her Christmas dress. And there you go. Happy Easter! He is risen!


  1. Zoe and Grace may be the fashion experts! Grace (3) has been coming up with some interesting combinations lately - mostly they involve a pink tutu. I agree - pick your battles:)

  2. Cute pics Laura! You did better than me.....I realized after I put the kids to bed on Sunday night that we had totally forgotten to take their picture in their cute matching Easter outfits. Oh well, I plan on them wearing those outfits to church maybe I'll just try to "recreate" easter morning and then get a picture.